Cisco 640-692 Certification Exam Sample Questions and Answers

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Cisco 640-692 (RSTECH) Sample Questions:

01. A null modem cable uses which adapter type?
a) RJ-11
b) RJ-45
c) RS-323
d) RS-232
e) USB
02. Which of the following is a DTE device?
a) router
c) cable modem
d) DSL modem
03. What are two features that are associated with single-mode fiber-optic cable?
(Choose two.)
a) a single strand of glass fiber
b) carries higher bandwidth than multimode fiber
c) cost is less than multimode fiber
d) operates over less distance than multimode fiber
04. Which type of memory stores the startup configuration file for the Cisco device?
a) Flash
c) RAM
d) ROM
05. Which command displays the configuration register setting?
a) show config-register
b) show flash
c) show running-config
d) show version
06. Which interface card is an encryption module?
a) NME-VMSS-16
b) NME-CUSP-522
d) M-1A-OC3-POM
07. Which two commands display the saved configuration file?
(Choose two)
a) show configuration
b) show file system
c) show running-config
d) show startup-config
08. What is the default operating mode you are initially logging into a router?
a) global configuration
b) privileged EXEC
c) ROM monitor
d) user EXEC
09. From a Windows command prompt, which command displays the local IP address of a computer?
a) ip config
b) ip configuration
c) ipconfig
d) ipconfiguration
10. Which bits represent the boot field in the configuration register value?
a) highest two bits
b) highest four bits
c) lowest two bits
d) lowest four bits


Question: 01

Answer: b

Question: 02

Answer: a

Question: 03

Answer: a, b

Question: 04

Answer: b

Question: 05

Answer: d

Question: 06

Answer: c

Question: 07

Answer: a, d

Question: 08

Answer: d

Question: 09

Answer: c

Question: 10

Answer: d

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